"Clean Your Dirty Apartment: The Cleaning Guide!"


Don’t pay a hefty amount of money because you didn’t clean your pad. Get your security deposit back!



  • Interior empty and cleaned
  • Shelves and drawers wiped down
  • Clean top and sides of exterior
  • Leave ice cube trays if they were provided
  • Oven & Stove:
  • Interior and racks cleaned
  • Clean drip pans and burners
  • Bottom drawer cleaned
  • Broiler pan clean and present
  • Clean sides of exterior
  • Clean hood vent
  • Dishwasher:
  • Clean interior and exterior, including door


  • Interior and exterior wiped down and clean
  • Wash plate/trays
  • Cabinetry & Drawers:
  • Exterior and interior cleaned
  • Wipe down, empty, and clean


  • Clean sink stoppers
  • Clean and shine sink and faucet
  • Countertops:
  • Clean and wipe down



  • Dust and wash baseboards
  • Sweep and mop floor



  • Clean interior of closet
  • Vacuum floors
  • Clean windows
  • Clean heat register vents/radiators



  • Clean interior of closet
  • Sweep and mop floor



  • Clean interior of closets
  • Vacuum floors



  • Clean backsplash and countertop
  • Clean and shine faucet and sink
  • Clean toilet and coloring agents removed
  • Clean shower and tub



  • Pull out appliances and clean underneath
  • Dust ceiling corners and remove all cobwebs
  • Dust and wash all baseboards
  • Dust and wash baseboards
  • Wipe down ceilings, walls, and light switches
  • Clean all window blinds and window sills
  • Dust all door trim
  • Replace light bulbs if burned out
  • Wipe down vanities and linen closet
  • Sweep and mop or vacuum floors
  • Clean dust from ceiling fans
  • Clean window screens
  • Empty storage closet/garage/patio or balcony
By Sarah Barber

Apartment DIY

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Roommates: Love 'Em or Hate 'Em

Roommates. Ugh! Just the word sends a chill down my spine. I remember the many and varied roommates I had in college: some were awesome and others were, well, hateable. So many things have to be negotiated at the beginning of this relationship: who gets which cupboards and which corner of the fridge? Who does the dishes on which day? What temperature are we going to keep the apartment at? How do we split up the bills? Depending on how many roommates and the number of bathrooms in the rental, the dreaded bathroom negotiation could be the most sensitive issue with the greatest potential for explosive problems throughout the time the roommates are roomies. Nobody wants to take a cold shower or be late for class or work because their roommate is inconsiderate.