"Clean Your Dirty Apartment: The Cleaning Guide!"


Don’t pay a hefty amount of money because you didn’t clean your pad. Get your security deposit back!



  • Interior empty and cleaned
  • Shelves and drawers wiped down
  • Clean top and sides of exterior
  • Leave ice cube trays if they were provided
  • Oven & Stove:
  • Interior and racks cleaned
  • Clean drip pans and burners
  • Bottom drawer cleaned
  • Broiler pan clean and present
  • Clean sides of exterior
  • Clean hood vent
  • Dishwasher:
  • Clean interior and exterior, including door


  • Interior and exterior wiped down and clean
  • Wash plate/trays
  • Cabinetry & Drawers:
  • Exterior and interior cleaned
  • Wipe down, empty, and clean


  • Clean sink stoppers
  • Clean and shine sink and faucet
  • Countertops:
  • Clean and wipe down



  • Dust and wash baseboards
  • Sweep and mop floor



  • Clean interior of closet
  • Vacuum floors
  • Clean windows
  • Clean heat register vents/radiators



  • Clean interior of closet
  • Sweep and mop floor



  • Clean interior of closets
  • Vacuum floors



  • Clean backsplash and countertop
  • Clean and shine faucet and sink
  • Clean toilet and coloring agents removed
  • Clean shower and tub



  • Pull out appliances and clean underneath
  • Dust ceiling corners and remove all cobwebs
  • Dust and wash all baseboards
  • Dust and wash baseboards
  • Wipe down ceilings, walls, and light switches
  • Clean all window blinds and window sills
  • Dust all door trim
  • Replace light bulbs if burned out
  • Wipe down vanities and linen closet
  • Sweep and mop or vacuum floors
  • Clean dust from ceiling fans
  • Clean window screens
  • Empty storage closet/garage/patio or balcony
By Sarah Barber

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