So, you want to throw a party or dinner at your abode … but do you have the tiny apartment woes? Do not fret, my darling, for it is very easy to throw the perfect soirée in your micro apartment. Unless it’s 400 square feet or less, I’ve got nothing. Just kidding.


Skip the Food

By far the easiest, you can skip the food altogether and throw a good ol’ fashioned cocktail party. Set up a bar by using a dresser or a kitchen island, and use your kitchen sink as a cooler – just fill it with ice and place mixers or beer in there. Since consuming alcohol tends to lead to munchies, you can put a few finger food dishes like nuts, cheeses, chips and salsa, or olives on a coffee table or alongside the staged bar area. 


Rearrange Your Stuff

If you have a small one bedroom or studio apartment, space is very limited. Place bulky furniture in a different area of your apartment, or temporarily move items into your storage locker to create extra space. Typically, when you live in a small apartment, most of the furniture is not against the walls so your home appears to be larger than it actually is. To throw a great party in a small space, you need actual space so you’ll want to move the furniture against the wall and your guests will have room to roam.



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If you arrange it so your guests are able to serve themselves beverages or food, you’ll be able to mingle and hang out with your guests in lieu of running back and forth from the kitchen. Offer the ability to label one’s cup so you only have to use as many cups as you have guests. This makes cleanup a breeze!


Reflect and Bring on the Light

Mirrors are hands down the best eye foolers in town. Whether they’re hung on the wall or placed strategically on the floor, they become your very best friend since they reflect tons of light and create a larger space. Plus, you can play a game to see how many of your friends check themselves out in the mirrors. Seriously, people love looking at themselves. Try it at your next party! Another great trick is to hang lighting from the ceiling or crown molding, like lanterns or holiday lights. You can also light candles throughout your home to create a lovely ambience.



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Make it Comfy

Having a small space does not, I repeat DOES NOT, mean you can’t get creative. In fact, this boosts creativity more than having a large space in my opinion. If you lack enough furniture to accommodate your guests to sit, you can place large pillows or bean bag chairs on the floor for your guests to make themselves comfy on.



People really do love having a good dinner party to go to. If you decide you are going to prepare a meal, you will maybe want to consider having the food displayed buffet-style, so your guests will not only be able to serve themselves (which is great for you as the host/ess), but you don’t have to worry about creating a table large enough to accommodate everyone, which opens up the seating area for your company.

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