"Garden-Level Living"

Ah yes … the garden-level woes can sometimes hit when you are not getting enough light in your home because … well, you’re living in the basement. Sometimes it’s drab, dark, and can be uninviting. It’s got its perks though – very few stairs and no one below you. But it can also be a bummer to have smaller windows than every other apartment in the building, too. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of ways to make it feel bright and cheery!


 1. Light it Up

Lamps are a garden-level apartment’s best friend. Overhead lighting not only cramps the space, but it can make it feel darker. Fluorescent lighting is the worst, too. Invest in some lamps and place them strategically throughout the house. It’ll light up!



2. Get the Daylight to Bounce

Mirrors are one of the best ways to reflect light and create a brighter space. They’re also great because you can have a ton of fun picking out pieces that reflect your personality.



3. Long Curtains

Hanging full-length curtains at the edges of the windows will make them feel larger. If you go with a light color and sheer texture, you can make it feel even brighter.



4. Paint

If you can paint your place, go for it. White does not always make a space feel brighter – I believe that’s a personal preference. Choose a light or bright color for your apartment like greens, yellows, blues, and greys. 



5. Go Easy

It’s easy to pile in the furniture when you’ve got the space, but when you have too much furniture it will appear dark and cluttered. Consider pieces that will help reflect light such as glass or Lucite, or use low-profile furniture or items with legs.


Add some of that green into your life! Not only do plants increase your happiness by 15%, according to a study done by Exeter University, but they also help relieve stress. Bamboo is a great choice because it grows well in with minimal light.

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