"Ameliorate Your Space: How to Make Your Studio Feel Bigger"

Studios are great! They’re inexpensive, funky, and easy to maintain… but they are also S-M-A-L-L. You don’t have to feel cramped because you’re allotted only a certain amount of square feet to work with, so how do you make it feel bigger? Here are some great and foolproof ideas on how to make the most out of what you have and having fun while doing it!


1.       Arrange items by size or color.

This works great with books, an open closet (or visible clothing rack), shoes, or anything that is visible in your home. By arranging items by size or color, your home becomes more sleek and polished.


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2.       Paint your walls.

If your landlord allows you to paint – go for it! Color creates the semblance of a larger space, and colors like mint green, cornflower blue, goldenrod, dusty purple, taupe, or sunflower add depth and space. Contrary to popular belief, dark colors can work in small spaces as they create shadows in the corners and trick your eye into thinking there’s more depth to the walls than there actually is.  


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3.       Hang shelves closer to the ceiling.

Anything to draw the eyes up! You can easily hang floating shelves all the way up, which not only makes your space feel bigger, but now you’re using your rented real estate effectively.


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4.       Use different shades of color.

Whether it is furniture or accessories, using different shades of color creates a look of harmony and congruity. Plus, it’s fun and visually appealing!


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5.       Pull furniture away from the wall or angle your bed – it makes your space feel more roomy.


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6.       The rules are meant to be broken.

If you have separate spaces in your studio – that’s awesome! Turn the living area into a master retreat and small study or dining area, and turn the dining area into the lounge.


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7.       Mirror, mirror on the wall… or floor.

Mirrors reflect a lot of light and always makes a room feel larger than it actually is. They also give that room-within-a-room effect. Consider hanging a ton of eclectic mirrors on one wall, or get a larger statement mirror and let it rest on the floor by your sofa or bed.


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8.       Get multi-functional pieces of furniture or décor.

When you are living in a small place, storage within your home isn’t always readily available. A steamer trunk or an ottoman works great to store throws, pillows, or blankets, while hat boxes work great to store smaller items. A lift-top coffee table works wonders, too!


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9.       Create separate spaces with curtains or rugs.


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10.   Showcase those legs!

Key pieces of furniture without a skirt, like a couch or chair, work perfect in a small space because it feels less boxy and cluttered. Similarly, if you opt for a glass desk, it doesn’t take up the visual real estate since it’s see-through.


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11.   Go big or go home.

I mean, that’s what they say, right? Get one large piece of statement furniture instead of a several small pieces. Small things in a small room makes it look cluttered.


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