Most of us are blessed with apartment rentals that are great in almost every aspect except for the bathroom. Rarely do we have a bathroom that is the size of a small bedroom, and more often than not, they lack sufficient storage areas for linens and everyday items. Do you have the tiny bathroom woes? Some of these bathroom storage ideas will blow you away!


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9 Secrets to Getting Your Security Deposit Back

Don’t let your landlord stiff you! We live in the day and age where this tiny piece of paper called ‘money’ controls our life. You need it for everything! It’s especially hard to part with one month’s rent as collateral for living in an apartment owned by someone else, but because one person ruined it for everyone else, we have to do it. Each time I have moved, though, I have received every cent back. I am a savvy dweller, like you, so I’m going to share with you the 9 Secrets to Getting Your Security Deposit Back.