"Laundry Room"

If you are fortunate enough to have private laundry space in your rental apartment, I am beyond jealous! Having your own space for clothes care can also present a challenge, though, too. What if it’s not big enough? How do I keep the clutter out of sight? With these easy tutorials, you can maximize space, make it stylish, and not let it be the eyesore of your apartment.

Shh! Get Your Baby to Sleep Fast

Brace Your Abode for the Bite of Winter

Even though I have (barely) survived nearly 30 very brutal Minnesota winters throughout my life, I still haven’t been able to decide what’s the worst thing about winter, other than it is just absolutely horrific. I can’t stand the snow, the ice, the cold… or the heat slowly escaping my humble little apartment. When it comes to dwelling in a rental home, you don’t always have the luxury of making permanent adjustments to help keep the heat in and the cold out, am I right?

Who Gets the Bigger Bedroom?

I always think rock, paper, scissors can settle anything. Especially when it comes down to who gets the bigger room! Hahahaha, just kidding. Ok, not really. In this day and age, having a roommate is pretty common since the cost of living has risen substantially. But seriously, how do you decide who gets the bigger bedroom in a fair and concise manner?