"Who Gets the Bigger Bedroom?"


I always think rock, paper, scissors can settle anything. Especially when it comes down to who gets the bigger room! Hahahaha, just kidding. Ok, not really. In this day and age, having a roommate is pretty common since the cost of living has risen substantially. But seriously, how do you decide who gets the bigger bedroom in a fair and concise manner?

 When you move in with a roommate, a beautiful thing called compromise happens. When each of you consider the other’s amount or size of furniture, you can come to a conclusion that way. Or, if a parking space or garage is included in the rent, the person who takes the smaller room could have the parking space or garage.

 Another thing to consider is the financial situation of each roommate.  If you could pay less money each month for a smaller room, why not save the money? If you go this route, agree to an amount that is fair – if the rent is $1200, the person with the master bedroom shouldn’t have to pay most of the rent, because then you’d both be fighting over the smaller bedroom. Perhaps the person with the master could pay $700 and the person with the smaller room could pay $500. (But then split the utilities 50/50.) There are many ways to determine who gets the bigger room, but at the end of the day it comes down to a compromise that you both can live with. It’s definitely smart to sort this out in the beginning to avoid roommate problems later on.

 If neither of you want to pay more rent and agree to splitting the rent straight down the middle, you can switch rooms every six months. Yeah, it might be a hassle, but then you both get to experience having the master bedroom.

 If furniture size and financials aren’t a problem for either of you, you can try drawing straws and whoever gets the short straw gets the smaller room. Or flip a coin. Or … my favorite: rock, paper, scissors. Completely unbiased and fair, right?!

 Then… there is the issue about the bathroom. Does your two bedroom apartment home have a master bath? Now you have to consider that whoever ends up with the smaller room is going to have to share the main bathroom with any guests that come over. Will you be using the main bath, too, or go into your master bathroom each and every time? Whoever has the smaller room is going to have the main bathroom, which will amount into more money being set aside for consumables, like toilet paper.

 There is also the radical notion of choosing an apartment or rental home that has similarly sized rooms to eliminate debates. A lot of newly constructed lofts and apartments offer split-bedroom layouts and the rooms are comparable in size, with the only difference being one has the bathroom connected. Now that is an ingenious design right there.

Regardless of the method in which you choose to divvy up the bedrooms, it comes down to one thing: Personal choice and what will work for you and your roommate!

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